The southeast is home to an abundance and diversity of wildlife and environmental features, which make it a unique place to enjoy the outdoors.

Owning land brings with it a responsibility for stewardship and management. Most landowners also work to maximize their invested time, energy and finances. We partner with landowners to make this goal a reality. Land management can be challenging at the best of times, but we use planning and education to equip and empower you. Minimizing maintenance, maximizing value, and creating an environment that can be enjoyed are common goals, but even maintenance can be overwhelming, and larger projects can seem completely out of reach. We cater our services around the hopes and goals of each client, and scale our projects to meet any need, large or small!


Environmental responsibility is more than an abstract idea. It is a framework of practical steps and plans, necessary to maximize the potential for any property goal, without sacrificing long term health of the local ecology. I have learned from landowners and organizations who use sustainable practices to accomplish this vision over the years. I have watched my own community rebuild after a destructive series of tornadoes in 2011. I have studied (and made my own) mistakes which waste time, or worse, cause more damage. This is the foundation and experience which I bring to our clients, and it is what sets Heartwood Land Management apart from other land service contractors.


I have grown up with a great respect and appreciation for the outdoors. As a child and then a student, my love for any outdoor recreation or activity continued to grow into staff positions at a private land trust, for private landowners and contracts with the state park system. My experiences are shared by many who have grown up with memories of camping, hiking, interacting with wildlife and the environment. It is my goal to bring more people into close contact with their natural world, and so to create better experiences and memories! This creates a cycle of greater ownership and interest in the health of the surrounding natural world, and benefits generations to come!

I started this business in 2014 with multiple opportunities to manage and care for private land. Since then we have grown into a team of motivated people, we continue to expand our capabilities, and add services and experience. Through it all I maintain the same simple goals of competent service, environmental responsibility, and sustainable design.


Our clients entrust us to bring these goals to any project. A landowner is also committed to enhancing the value and aesthetic of their property. At Heartwood Land Management, we believe that these two interests can both be considered, and the best management practice is to bring both into any plan or project.


I would love to discuss this further with you, and even lay out some free plans and ideas that are tailored to your property. Each property is different and requires some personal attention. A small amount of planning can bring great rewards and avoid significant headaches!


Reclaim your land!

Joe Lloyd